Free Energy Healing

Free Heart Healing Energy





To receive the full power of the energy, place your fingers or hand (not your cursor) on the Heart Mandala on the computer screen and hold for 10-30 seconds. Ok, ok you may need to hold in place for a minute…hold your hand over or on the Heart Mandala until you feel the energy and then allow approximately 10-15 seconds for the healing energy to flow through you. Negative energy will be removed and positive energy will replace it. Each time you use it the energy may change because I have set it up to give you what you need. Other copies of this Heart Mandala will not contain the energy, only this one on this page.


The Heart Mandala is the property of Shala Simbeck. There is no cost to receive this energy and you may use the Heart Mandala as often as you desire. Come to the Heart Mandala and take all you need; it is for your health and well-being. If you would like to see Shala’s wonderful website click the link below.


Good Blessings,

Dr. Ariel Schultz,

Distance Healer, Homeopath,

Naturopathic Physician.