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For the past two years Dr. Ariel Schultz has been working on the form and the format application of efficacious and non-evasive treatments of both cartilage and bone disease. After several Beta tests we are happy to announce a program for repair of cartilage and the building of bone in a non-invasive natural process, without a long drive for an office appointment or countless waiting time to see the Doctor.

With the application of the original biological imprint and the application of the exact proteins and amino-acids, Dr. Schultz creates a specialized scaffolding matrix calculated to your actual biological imprint and a complete body scan outlining your deficiencies and biological system excess. He is able to determine your body’s requirements and markers required for replacement and repair. This process is done internally and energetically without harmful surgeries, toxic chemicals or radiation therapies. In fact the only awareness comes usually within a month or two when you start to notice you are no longer in pain because your cartilage is growing back.

Carol Levine
Administrative Associate

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You can read more about the results of this new and revolutionary program here: drarielschultz.com/treatments/testimonials/