Distance Healing

Distance Healing

Freedom from pills and doctors offices

For the last decade Dr. Ariel Schultz has been giving medicine, vitamins, minerals and all natural God given products in a very unusual way, by direct energy transfer.


Some people think this method is supernatural, but science knows better. It’s called Quantum Entanglement and Dr. Schultz has mastered the practical application which may just help you get healthy and stay healthy. 


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What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing is a form of science that looks like magic because of those precepts conditioned into our culture, and our learned beliefs. In fact distance healing is using our full spectrum of sense awareness allowing us to contact another across all time and space through the compression of thought, where the receiver receives the package of intent and feels the effect of that change, because of the sender bridging time and space.  Distance healings take place at any time and / or any place agreed upon on the telephone, Skype or even text or chat online.


The healing works through the energy body (bioelectric system) which is the same body system used by your medical doctor when attempting to resuscitate someone.  By using your bioelectric system the distance healer is able to see and send the healing you require in all body systems physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  This makes it easy and effective to access your body system and send healing energy wherever you may be and at any time without having to be physically present with the healer. 

The Illusion of Time and Space

For the majority of us our perceived blueprint is that we live in this physical reality period and there is nothing else. How do most of us understand this? We see the rising and setting of the sun at exact times, just as clocks that move at the same pace all the time and in the same direction. If something looks physical it is physical, but that is only our perception and we assume that time and space are real and fixed. Actually we live inside of a time and space bubble meaning that our perceptions are locked into this belief system that things can only be separated by distance, and that time moves in one direction, which is forward.


Some scientists and lay people believe gravity is the property that causes all of humanity to be fully grounded in the physical world, that holds everything in place, but simultaneously gravity may be the factor limiting our abilities to manifest change and create instant healing.  Our mathematicians and scientists tell us we are living in a matrix of awareness (a bubble) that creates an illusion of space and time that is limited to the third dimension in which we all live.


Our illusion of a fixed space and time matrix provides us all with grounding in our own reality. Without it we would not know or have the ability to navigate our lives or understand our world and the practical functioning of the world in which we live. Simultaneously this awareness is the prime limiting factor in the totality of our lives barring our consciousness to see beyond the bubble. Surprisingly, with proper instruction and constant practice one can transcend or make changes in this perception that directly affect and expand our reality. 





How Does a Healer Transcend Time and Space?

 When healing practitioners bring about a distance healing, they are moving their mind/conscious outside the bubble of space and time. The alteration of the healer’s awareness is completed by countless ways and practices. In many practices it is the altering of brainwaves on command that creates a link to the Schumann resonances, a standing wave in the Earth–ionosphere cavity with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth. This lowest-frequency (and highest-intensity) mode of the Schumann resonance occurs at a frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz, this is in reality a linking to the pulse of the Earth. When linked a healer may then move about freely to any point along a timeline or outside of space and time, not always forward but also backwards. Where one travels depends on awareness and intent.


Scientific Underpinnings

Science still struggles to explain or understand healing even though questions and answers have been known by healers, shamans, and practitioners of eclectic medicine tens of thousands of years prior to the invention of modern science and the apple dropping on Isaac Newton’s head. It is only in the last few decades discoveries in quantum physics now provide the scientific basic understanding for many of the holistic healing phenomenon we have witnessed since the dawn of humanity.


What quantum physics tells us is that time is in the moment constantly, not just linear, with the flow in one direction. Time is like the tides moving both forwards and backwards, sometimes simultaneously. No matter if it’s your future or your past the effect on you can be the same. One can alter the future but also the past, and in doing so we can change our health and change ourselves. From this new reality we have no future no past but only time given for the present moment; everything is happening at once.

Quantum physics time is not fixed

Science tells us about space or "distance" between objects are actually not separate as they may seem. Even when we are experiencing “something” as being separate from us, this is only a perception of our minds limited awareness, just as believing the actions on a movie screen are factual instead of the shared dream of our minds. Time and space being fixed is like a waking dream, that allows us to hang on to our physical world, but in the world of quantum particles that world is the dream we dream. 

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Quantum Entanglement


Quantum Theory and non-locality goes something like this; take two particles, A and B (photons or electrons for example). Pair them, then separate them and put them on either side of the planet. Stimulate particle A, and particle B will react without any time delay, as if they have never been separated.


In other words both particles act at the same moment in time regardless of distance. This is remarkable, right? How can this be? We need to have a physical connection; we need to observe some kind of interconnecting frequency waveform or something, right? This also means we’ve got an interaction between particles happening way beyond the speed of light, right? If so then this means there is “something” greater than our reality holding everything in place and objects cannot really be separate nor can we. This makes Quantum Entanglement possible and that also allows for healers to appear to move through time and space to felicitate a distance healing.


So we learn that all things are actually connected which means there is no actual separation because the elements that are us, are also in the stars. We are and have always been the same thing. We also learn that everything we know to be true may not be as true as we thought, and that everything is actually a hologram – we are part of everything and everything is in us. ¹


How is Distance Healing Possible?

In any discussion of distance healing, some energy practitioners imply they are sending energy across time and space, or that their energy "travels" by way of laser light to reach the other person. But since time and space are not nailed down to any structure but are fluid and move about as they will, so movement is an illusion of the mind used to understand how the process works but in fact, there is no permanent location and nothing is fixed.

In reality energy does not move. We use the word “sent” because it is easier for everyone to understand. It is imagined and received in the same instant through intent. Simple, yes?   Nothing travels and it is all intent; this is the bases of the quantum world we live in.


If you were able to see our universe in a bubble and you were told these are the rules that this universe operates on you would say after some study “oh this is how everything works”. But if you could only see the physical world, then you would say that this is quite impossible for a world to work this way until you were able to travel outside the bubble and look inside. Imagine a large fish tank with all the fish understanding their world, but we can see their world and our world. It’s very similar to the Distance Healer, where the healer sees his physical world and the world beyond.

Where is the world beyond?

It is not a place but a state of mind. Some describe it as a waking dream because we are often in the brainwave state of theta, but that is not always so.  Sometimes we drop much further from this world into a world where we can build thought forms or morphic fields. In these worlds there is an awareness not found in such an intense degree in any other world. It’s a total oneness where you no longer feel as a drop in the ocean but instead you feel the ocean is in your drop and that the entire creation is within you.  You are everything and everything is you. This is when you “know” nothing is separate, nothing is apart. 


From this state of mind information is accessed, packaged and instantly given to the one you desire. There is no past, present or future; this is a place where everyone stands at once.


Realms of Human MindThere is no past, no future, there is just now.  In this place the healer stands seeing not only our physical world but a multi-dimensional world as well. From this place the healer accesses information and sends information, and from this place the healer instantly gives that information and healing to their client or patient. From this advantage the healer follows the thoughts within the trail left by the cosmic mind to gain additional information or knowledge or to create positive outcomes in the lives of their clients or patients.

Does Distance Healing Work?

The answer to this question is YES! From over 70 countries of the world I have found that 85 to 90% of people respond to Distance Healing. The greatest joy I have in my practice is working with people over telephone or Skype where I can hear or see a smile because then I know they have received the healing package sent.

Permission is Key as a professional healer

It is of prime importance you have the permission of the patient to be healed.There are exceptions like when one is healing the parents’ child at the request of the parents, or when the patient is elderly and the guardian is the child of the elderly patient who will give the permission.The last permission giver is the soul of the person or what some call the higher self. Many healers will ask the higher self when the patient is incapacitated and the higher self will act as the guardian and tell the healer if he may heal the patient or that this is a life lesson that the patient must experience themselves.  May times before someone will ask for help the healer may see the request in their eyes, but even still the healer must ask for permission. One just does not know what mission or lesson a person was sent here for on this plane of existence unless one asks first. There are universal laws governing healing just as with any other profession and like any other profession operating outside these laws can cause one to be reprimanded, a snap back is never pleasant. One must always have permission before a healing.







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Where does prayer come in?

Prayer relies on one subject alone which is intent. If the intent is good it does not matter on what level or quality of that level the prayer is. Prayer binds with other prayers to create a higher form of prayer. With the Jewish people it’s a minion or a group of ten, with the Christian it’s… when two or more are gathered in this name… each faith has their point of view but all agree the more souls the better and one is good. 

Absent, Skype and Telephone Healing

Most of the types of distance healings that I do are absent healing sessions; that is we have arranged to have our work done at special time each day. Those patients who are on my monthly program receive both chronic and acute care as needed. Many are on Skype and some are on the telephone. For much of the multilayered work the sessions of reading and healing require the active participation of the client and so having them on Text chat or Skype, Facebook or the telephone is necessary to complete the work. The connection is only important so that I can communicate with the patient, get feedback or adjust the frequency of the healing so he receives the best energy or natural medicine for him.

Presently there are over 5,000 natural medicines used in my practice to assist people in their wellbeing and because of this, communication is of prime importance.

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Wondering if it will work for you? Why not try it for free!


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