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All the products on this website are offered as assistance in the improvement and betterment of your life. Many of our products are wonderful stress reduction and elimination tools, suggested to you as the seeker of inner peace and exploration of your spiritual growth and the world we live in.

Dr. Schultz is a passionate advocate of Natural Healing and personal development while helping others remove negativity, pain and suffering. In fact Dr. Schultz is famous for saying “I do not want my clients and patients to suffer; there is no reason why a person needs to suffer”. The path of spiritual growth necessitates change. These tools are made with one thought in mind, to protect humanity from harm and suffering as much as humanly possible. The tools provided here are specific devices and products to enable you to live a brighter and healthier life, by offering a simple and effective solution to everyday problems allowing you to rise above, and truly live the life you were given in full joy!

All spiritual products (spiritual software) are given as a mind to mind transfer. Just as healing attunements are passed from one to another so these products are made and developed as spiritual transfers. The way they are conceived and made may be different in that they are developed inside a Morphic Field within a Quantum computer with a special coding for simplicity of use which allows the user to actually forget they are wearing one of the most advanced and effective energy devices available today.

We live in an age of light speed products and services. People want everything yesterday, and they become used to the process of everything on demand, but this also takes a toll on the human cell and the processes one must face in everyday life. Too much, too fast, we cling to the physical while we reach for the spiritual becoming over stimulated in the process. We need calm and peace not from outside influences but internal mechanisms, but without complex processes we do not have the time to sit on a pillow for 20 years to become the Zen Master, and the time slips away. There is just no time… and our hunger for the connection to the sacred, the Divine, slips away too. Balance is key and our products will assist you in achieving the balance you are looking for, enabling you to touch the sacred all the while living in the physical world.

All spiritual growth is a personal journey.  Our hope is to provide you with tools that will always help you maintain the balance you require in life, but there is no tool that is complete for everyone. That’s one of the reasons we offer spiritual and trauma counseling services to assist you in reaching your personal goals and your personal best.

We are continually looking for additional resources as they appear. If there is a product range that you think is in tune with this site and its aims, please get in contact with us via the Contact Page.

Thank you again for being the explorer you are and venturing on to our pages.

Good Blessings Always,

Dr. Ariel Schultz

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