Long Term Care Options:

Includes treatment of chronic issues as well as preventive care. Not inclusive of counseling or intervention.

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(up to 5 members)

$500 USD per month

Each Additional

Family Member

$100 USD per month

For one Individual


$300 USD per month

Acute Care Options:

Each day of consultation and treatment is $50.00. This care requires a deposit of $150 which covers $50 per day for three days. Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded.

Individual Acute Care

$150 USD Deposit

Individual Intensive Counseling for Life Trauma:

$150 USD per Session


Examples such as cancer, alcoholism, mood disorders and others requiring day to day care and treatment.

Intervention - 10 Days

$500 USD

Intervention - 20 Days

$1,000 USD

Intervention - 30 Days

$1,500 USD