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Please take some time to review the information on my website presented for your understanding. You will enjoy a new way of living while maintaining total heath. Without excessive effort on your part you may find your life becoming easier… things just falling into place without care or with little effort on your part.  I will be happy to meet with you, and have the opportunity to guide you on a path that leads you to a healthy, and balanced life. Health and wellness will become a given.


 For a free 20 minute consultation about what would be the best program for you, please contact us.

Before the First Session:

Please download and complete the attached Patient Intake Form. This will become part of your confidential patient record. Please send this form to my email 24 hours prior to your first visit.

Email: dr.arielschultz@ymail.com

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What happens during the first session?

A case history is done to get an overall picture of your health and of underlying causes that may be contributing to your concerns. Sometimes during the consultation non evasive energetic scans are performed to gain additional information leading to possible causes.


The first visit usually educates by actual examples. As we begin treatment you will actually see how my approach changes your body’s response to proper polarity and balance. In this meeting we will develop a working treatment plan.


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Will I see results immediately?

No two people heal the same, or respond to the same treatment in exactly the same way. The core of my treatments is not the usual faire you would find by physicians or healers. I am a naturopathic physician, clairvoyant, and a distance healer, and able to see how your energy is moving within your body. I assist you by scanning your body on many levels, seeing the difficulty, and finding the correct natural medicine for any condition.

After identifying the correct natural medicine, the telepathic transfer may take place within seconds after identification. Healing usually occurs seconds later or within minutes. After this process most people feel balanced, lighter and increased energy. Some of my patients require more than one or two meetings to initiate a healing because health issues appearing on one level of being (physical) may have a deeper cause and need a healing on a completely different level of being (emotional, intellectual or spiritual).

Long Term Care Options

 (Includes treatment of chronic issues as well as preventive care. Not inclusive of Counseling or Intervention)

One or two adults with up to three children: $500.00 USD per month

Each additional family member: $100.00 USD per month additional.

One individual: $300 USD per month


Acute Care Options

Individual Acute Care: Each day of consultation and treatment is $50.00 USD. This care requires a deposit of $150 which covers $50 per day for three days. Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded.

Individual Intensive Counseling for life trauma: Per session: $150.00 USD

Intervention:  Examples such as cancer, alcoholism, mood disorders and others requiring day to day care and treatment.

10 Days = $500 USD        20 Days = $1,000 USD      30 Days = $1,500 USD