Microwave /EM/RF Energy Shield


        Microwave/EM/RF Energy Shield

        Also a Micro Wave Neutralizer


        Created by Dr. Ariel Schultz

Removes Negative Energies  ~ Microwave/EM/RF Energy Shield

Also a Micro Wave Neutralizer  ~  Created by Dr. Ariel Schultz


To use you just activate by saying: “Shield ON” 

To turn off say: “Shield OFF”

It’s that simple. This is a multi-purpose Shield and later we will add other features which you will be able to purchase if interested. There is a power control on this item which you can activate by saying out loud: Increase Shield power by 20% (or by 50% by 100% or by 1000%). This may be necessary if you are in a negative situation. 

This is an X, Y, and Z axis Tri Shield. It will locate and disarm at least 90-97% perceived and actual negative energy you may come in contact with in daily life. Most people (80% so far after Beta Testing) will receive a perceivable reduction in life stress.

This is a defensive Shield; respect it and use it as such. This Shield will extend out approximately 20” or 51 CM from your physical body. Yes it can and will protect one other person if held close during an attack.

$150 USD

This Shield is personal and should activate protection from all EM waves. It also neutralizes radio wave energies, microwave energies and microwave weapons and personal EM or MV attacks against you by biological systems whether human or non-human.

This Shield is non-transferable. The Shield has an activated omnidirectional proximity alarm with automatic reversing polarity and beam weapon technology which destroys targets of negative energy in non – human, non-physical targets and evaporates and redesigns molecular structures by a quantum computer so the attacker is unable to reassemble permanently. Human targets will be neutralized and may be unable to produce negative emanations for twelve to twenty four hours. This is how it is set up to function. Also if any person attempts to hack this device they will be susceptible to an extremely uncomfortable attack on their wellbeing. This is not personal, but understand this device will defend itself against hacking attacks and we will not be responsible for any action the Shield uses to protect itself on the 5th and 6th dimensions.  

You may receive the Energy Shield for a free 10 day trial period by going to Contact Us page, requesting the Shield and sending us your full name, date of birth and e-mail. You will receive an e-mail informing you that you have received the Shield so that you may activate it. After 10 days the Energy Shield times out automatically (stops working) unless you decide to purchase it through the website. The purchase price is $150 USD.

If you have any problems with the Shield please let me know, but remember this is only an EM Shield and not a panacea for all your problems. This is a non-physical 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensional Shield since that is where the majority of the attacks and negative energy will originate from.  Actual weight is approximately 1.70 Ounces.


This device is the property of Dr. Ariel Schultz and may not be reproduced, changed or modified by anyone other than Dr. Ariel Schultz. Any infringement on this device will be answered immediately by the device with the complete withdrawal of an attacking person’s spiritual abilities if so warranted. 

If you are a distributor/retailer or someone who is interested in marketing and selling our product, please contact us for further details.

Thank you and Good Blessings,


Dr. Ariel Schultz




What others are saying:


Nora Maccoby Hathaway “Absolutely brilliant creation. nice one!”


Lisa Lasswell Kallister

I remember feeling a deep heaviness over me before I started using the shield. When I First started using the shield, I felt that heaviness lifted off my body like chains had been broken.  I still have lightness to me, the strangling feeling has not returned, the situations that I have had from past that includes 2 dark workers of magic as well as negative spirits of a couple of humans around me. Sure this includes the energy from some of the devices I use as well, I almost always have kept shield at 1000 percent.  I am very pleased with the shield. The first 10 days I did not reboot shield every day and then there was a couple other days I did not reboot shield. When required I would immediately reboot and feel better.  I would say the overall experience using shield was absolutely positive. Nothing at all negative in any way shape or form!  Yes I absolutely want to continue with shield. I have become reliant and have felt safer with shield.  If this product was on the market and providing I had the funding for it, I would pay whatever the cost of it. Thank you, Ariel. Many blessings, and prosperity for you always.


Lisa Lasswell Kallister


John M. Giroux

Ariel, I do remember how I felt before the shield. I was feeling sluggish and not wanting to do much of anything. I was lost, had no direction in life at all really. I would go away to where the energy was light and positive and then return back to the city and the negative energy would make me physically ill as I drove closer to the Toronto Ontario area. After I started using the shield my energy levels started to increase somewhat. I was at the cottage away from the big city when the shield was activated. As I drove closer to the Toronto area I would start to feel tense and ill so I kept increasing the shield power until I felt at ease and I stayed at ease most of the time. I never shut the shield off because it also helped me sleep. Well I shouldn't say I never turned the shield off as I did the one time when I messaged you about how things were going and you told me about the other shield you created. There were several situations I experienced where I realized the shield was protecting me and some situations where I had to increase power until I was sure it was protecting. I would love to continue using the shield. It has helped me in many ways, helping me to build self-confidence, find a path in life, and in some cases kept me from killing someone, just to name a few. Wearing the shield has had many positive outcomes for me and would recommend this shield to anyone that has sought help and never obtained it. I know the shield was not meant to solve all of our problems but it sure helped with many of mine. I have mentioned about how I feel when returning from the cottage, I would also like to mention that using your shield has helped me deal with family situations involving the care of my parents in ways that I feel empowered instead of dis-empowered. I have two sisters that are the most negative people I have ever encountered and I can deal with these people now without dropping to their level. Dealing with negativity in the world has been so much easier for me and it has made me a better person. I show more love to people and in return I am receiving more love. I am going out on a limb here but I feel this shield is priceless. If I could afford to pay a thousand dollars for this shield I would and if I couldn't I surely would find a way to obtain the money. (Legally of course) I am deeply grateful for this shield and would love to continue to use it. I am deeply grateful to you, Ariel, for creating this shield and wish you Great Blessings in creating more of this type of equipment to help humankind

Again I thank you for this shield, Great Blessings

John M. GirouxLisa Kennedy


Hi Ariel. I have had moments of feeling weighed down myself. And moments of great pleasure. I have had so much going on in my life lately. First a friend I held very close to my heart tried to manipulate me. I would normally have been devastated. I have surprised everyone including myself by how I have taken this in my stride. Then I found out my husband was not paying the bills he is meant to and it means we have to look for another residence. Again I have taken this in my stride. I have had moments when I have had to switch my shield off and then on again as I felt it was becoming weak. I would say the overall outcome was one of a positive outcome. Yes I would like to continue using the shield.

Thank you, Lisa Kennedy


Catherine Markovsky

Before the shield: low energy, easily fatigued. I would have a hard time keeping my field intact while working with a difficult patient.

At first: the first thing I noticed was an increased sensitivity to smell, light and sound. I understand that this is not an intended effect form the shield but it was noticeable. Smells especially were incredibly strong. This effect carries on to this day.

After a month: I feel more grounded and solid. I have a lot coming at me every day and I truly felt like I had an extra layer of protection around me. I did not turn off the shield and wasn't sure why one would.

Protection from negative energies: I tend to feel 'attacked' in my sleep. Recurring dreams of abduction (alien?). Perhaps a coincidence but they have stopped.

I had a positive experience. There were subtle changes that really enhanced my overall life experience.

Be well and thank you,  Catherine

Cassandra Rose Black


I felt very much affected by electromagnetic radiation in the past. Even when learning kinesiology it came up how much my body reacted to it and that it stopped by muscles from being able to function well to be able to use them for muscle testing.

I trusted that the shield was doing it's job and have done over this past month. I can't say I've noticed a huge difference in the way it's affected me having the shield as I do have problems with my energy in general so I'm not sure how the shield has helped me, but I have trusted that it's been doing the job.

I have wireless internet all throughout my home and I sleep with my iPad and mobile phone next to my bed ( I know that's probably a really bad thing!) but having this shield, I did not worry about their effect on me as I felt protected from the electromagnetic radiation they would be putting out so close to me.

I do trust the work that you do but I also know you need to trial things out and get feedback to see evidence of their effectiveness so I'd definitely say it's been a positive experience, as all things have been in my association with you and your work. I am happy to continue wearing the shield !

It's something amazing and valuable having a product that can protect you from electromagnetic radiation.

Yes I definitely feel I benefited from using your product, I felt fine and safe being around and close to things that put out a lot of electromagnetic radiation. I would recommend you and any of your products to others, as I've always trusted and seen/felt evidence of the work that you do.

Cassandra Rose Black


Rosemeri   Ritter

Good morning Ariel.....I am so thankful to have been part of your "shield" experiment and thank you for providing this information to the public.

As mentioned in my email to you very soon after the shield was activated I felt a great sense of CLARITY.

I am a left-brained, analytical person, I have found that when I go onto Facebook and see so many postings of all the atrocities going on in the world, it would totally drain and deplete me to the point that I could either only go on Facebook briefly or would have to stay off completely for months at a time.   The shield somehow seemed to protect me from the negativity overcoming me, which was the most wonderful thing for me.

I didn't really notice the heaviness, nor did I actually turn it off or on very much...I just went about my usual routine. I also spend more time listening to music as I find it elevates my mood listening to beautiful mood relaxing...sometimes brain entrainment music as well.

The way I felt before the shield...mood was affected by what was going on around me...not always my stuff.  So the shield put a barrier around me giving me the clarity about what was mine to deal with (creating my own reality the way I choose it to be), vs. negativity projected onto the masses in order to control through fear.

Clarity, now feeling much more positive about life and receiving messages from spirit in new and different ways. Overall experience.....very wonderful !  Would highly recommend.

Again, it was a very positive experience....(the other thing that happened during this time period, is that after resisting and thinking I would never again have a male in my life, I have had 2 phone calls from a nice man and have a "date" this weekend).  I am not sure whether this is in any way connected to the shield, but it at first scared me to the point of resisting, but then allowed the "clarity" to realize the potential to share my life with someone (the older, wiser, more mature version of me now at 63, than the teenager I was at 18 when I got married the first time!) and how it could actually open up to more adventure, excitement, romance, companionship, etc. etc. (:

I absolutely need to keep wearing the shield in order to assist bringing "Heaven to Earth".

Again, a sincere thank you for all the help you bring to individuals and the world (ps. you did assist my daughter one year ago via a Skype session....regarding vitamin and mineral deficiencies and your advice helped her immediately.. she is a busy mother of 2 young children and teaches almost full time, so she likely didn't find time to get back and confirm that you had assisted her, but please know that you did.)

When I do tend to feel weighed down I just have to count my blessings and know that although there is much going on in the world that seems unsolvable, there really, really are many, many good people out there and I am so blessed in my own personal family with good relationships and positivity.

Much love and appreciation.

Rosemeri Ritter


Lucy Goose Hind

Most of the time I forgot that the shield was even there, I also found that the shield worked better for me when I turned it off then on again. I did not do this on a daily basis but did do it when I felt the need to use the shield. This need arises whenever I felt that I had come into contact with negative energy of some sort and I couldn't shake it. It then came into my head that I should use the shield (which I had forgotten about) so I turned it off then on again and immediately felt it working. I then felt a sense of calm and peace and my mind was put at ease. Overall, thinking about how I felt when I could feel the shield working, I would definitely like to continue using and upgrading it when needed. I would definitely recommend it to others as I feel that it worked instantaneous when I needed it to and provided me with a safe feeling.

Thank you,


Lucy Goose Hind