The Spiritual Body

Areas of focus: The Spiritual Body


This is a place where there is a 50/50 split in patients; some believe in a deity and some do not. We know today, because the science has been done, that no living person has proof of where our consciousness is actually coming from. This is not to lay any theory on you and say that this is fact because there are no facts one way or the other although there are indications but no facts, so this will fall within your belief system or it will not. Whatever your belief system is, the program we run in our head allows us to follow a spiritual logic, is an idea that we are created, and by who or what is subject to much speculation and passionate debate. I have no personal opinion of what is correct or incorrect, but I will tell you a story from my practice: In the past working with emotional problems, I would see folks who we were not able to link their problem with a first cause anywhere in their present earthly time line. The more I looked, the evidence of any causal relationship was not there. There was none to be found, so I would spend hours looking over records and lost in deep thought attempting to find the source of the conflict. Then later as I had spent much time in review of a patient but had since long ago allowed the problem to drift far from my mind, that same patient walked in and just wanted to talk. During the conversation we reviewed this life, and as if a light went off in my head there it was, an opening to another world, a world prior to birth and a world of real life stories. This was a place never explored until I actually looked and crossing the barrier was easy afterwards. Seeing into the past how and why started to make more sense. Once seen it now could be removed and replaced with circumstances that were pleasing and comfortable for the patient. I still cannot tell you to this day that this process is factual, but I will tell you it is effective and it works, and my patients’ lives are turned around and they leave happier because of it.