The Emotional Body

Areas of Focus: The Emotional Body


The emotions move us all; they have moved me to share this with you now. We all need to support and balance our emotions. Imbalance is created from many sources; from Genetics that is our family line, from our culture and their beliefs right or wrong, the pressures of a Spiritual life gone awry, Physical injuries and our reactions to them. One thing many people do not realize is that the injury is imprinted on the cells of the body and most all problems will never be solved on the same level that you have incurred the injury. And there is something that will surprise many which is that an injury can occur prior to birth, at birth, or in this lifetime. Each and every trauma is recorded on your soul and these traumas block your growth emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Whatever emotional condition you find yourself or someone you know in, understand I have been there or I know someone who has, and I have been blessed with some unusual abilities that allow me to quickly assist people who find themselves deep within a hole they cannot escape from. Although it could be as simple as a thought that upsets you or just makes you angry without knowing why, or maybe you do, every time you think about it the emotion swells within you. If you are there, or know someone who is there…know you have options.