Dr. Ariel Schultz is among an elite group of healers. Born with several intuitive abilities, he has also undertaken years of formal medical training and spiritual discipline. The combination of these three elements makes him a powerful healing force. Ariel’s personal life journey has also helped him develop the compassion and understanding which his patients, business clients, and even pets, immediately sense.

Dr. Schultz is now devoting his energies toward helping people throughout the world. He uses his remote viewing ability to connect with a being and see the exact root of the disease or distress. This process works with all manner of beings. It could be you, your business, or even your pet.

Once an accurate diagnosis in attained, an effective treatment can be given. This knowledge can also be used for prescribing remedies to regain and maintain good health and happiness. All this can be done without the patient (or client) having to incur the cost and time to travel for a physical consultation.

Dr. Schultz also spends a great amount of time and energy creating products which can best be described as Spiritual Software. Using his ability to see the energies of the universe, Ariel creates highly detailed energy imprints which can then be transferred to those who are willing to receive them. All of this “software” is devoted to the betterment of the world. These life changing products can usually be purchased for a nominal amount. Because this science is so new to most people, Dr. Schultz often makes them available on a free trial basis. The proof of the product is in the using of it.

How irony created a healer:

Ariel’s mother was a naturopathic physician. Growing up in this environment helped free Ariel from the boundaries of conventional thinking. It created a bias toward seeking natural gentle approaches to health and healing. But ironically, Ariel’s mother was also a powerful force in repressing his intuitive gifts. Whenever he would report a new experience (hearing a voice, seeing auras etc.) she would deny their reality and forbid Ariel to share these experiences with anyone. His mother also discouraged immersion and training in their religion.
Closing the spiritual world and repressing Ariel’s natural abilities cast him adrift with no life direction. So when a patient feels lost and confused, Dr. Schultz can relate and help.
The values which had been denied Ariel in his youth were brought into his life through the unlikely vehicle of military service. Again, ironically, it was during Ariel’s military service that he rediscovered the benefits of his traditional religion. The values of spirituality, tradition and community were reintroduced to him. However, this taste of contentment, combined with his childhood conditioning would send him ricocheting through the civilian life that followed.
Cut off from his intuitive gifts, Ariel tried adopting the values of society around him; money and symbols of success through business, following his mother’s steps in medical training, and seminary training to recapture that sense of belonging. All these pursuits still left Ariel feeling empty. But ironically they equipped him with the skills and experience he would use to help others in his next stage of life.

A solitary man gains a world of friends:

Dr. Schultz finally came to the point of maximum frustration and emptiness. he decided to reorganize his values and allow the nurturing and development of his long suppressed gifts. This meant placing ego, money, and societal acceptance at the bottom of his values. ariel finally achieved the clarity and courage he needed to act.His medical training and life lessons gave him a good foundation. But they would now work in support of newly accepted spirituality in a new paradigm of health care.Intuitive healing is often a very solitary activity. The hours spent in the ether, reaching out to the needy and exploring greater possibilities of helping others, means less time in social interaction. a darkened room is seen more often than the light of day. and yet, ariel has connected with people in over 70 countries.his humour, Humility and genuine caring nature, draw more and more people to him. And he is still true to himself in giving away more than he gets and using his natural gifts to enhance all life around him. His generous nature is ready to devote the time, words and spiritual support to those in need.

some common questions people ask Dr. Schultz:

Do you use any other Medical Techniques?What Intuitive/Spiritual abilities do you use in remote sessions?

I use a combination of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, intuition (knowing), psychometric, thought forms, thermal imaging, remote viewing, Divine communication, telepathic and conventional analysis, psychokinetic transfer.

Do you use any other Medical Techniques?

Yes I use Nutritional, herbal, supplements, earth elements, homeopathic, photon therapy, color therapy, tuning forks, physical medicine and rehabilitation, absent healing, distance healing, chakra clearing, contact healing, thought form implants, and healing prayer.

How long does a session with you last? How much does it cost?
And how many sessions are usually needed?

Sessions last as long as it takes to achieve a result. Sometimes it is 20 minutes; sometimes it is an hour or more. The frequency of the sessions varies from person to person. Some people are helped with one session, others need several. Quite often a patient will need a re balancing session on a monthly basis for a few months until their life energies accept the new healthy paradigm. The cost of a session of up to one hour is $150 USD.

What about your formal medical training? What did you study, and how does it fit in with your present work?

I did a variety of studies in a number of accredited schools. My focus was on natural health solutions and I tried to find the best programs available. It is unfortunate that some of these institutions are no longer in existence. Talent and wisdom does not necessarily go hand in hand with commercial success. I consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from such excellent teachers. They gave me the grounding, expertise and confidence I use when approaching my patients. A few of my most notable teachers are: Dr. Norman W. Walker D.Sc., Ph.D – Dr. Randolph Stone, D.C., D.O. and Dr. John R. Christopher M.H., H.Pharm., N.D.

During my medical studies I’ve collected various degrees and diplomas:

B.Sc. and M.Sc. Degrees in Biological Sciences and M.A. in Psychology –
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (USA).
M.Sc, in Oriental Medicine, Doctorate in Physical Medicine (P.M.D.) –
American Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (USA).
Doctorate in Preventive Medicine (D.P.M.) – National Institute of Biological Sciences (Is).
Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine (H.M.D.) – National Institute of Biological Sciences (Is.).
Post Graduate Diplomas in Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine.
Additionally, I completed three years of post-graduate studies from U.S. medical schools.
I have also had the honor in the past, of being appointed a Director of the National Institute of Biological Sciences and am past President of the Preventive Medicine Society (Is.).

Additional Non-Academic and/or Honorary Certifications, Diplomas and Degrees:

PSc.D Doctorate: Pastoral Science & Medicine – Pastoral Medical Association

How can I make an appointment for a telephone or Skype session with you?

You can contact me in a number of ways:
Contact the Office Manager: Carol Levine at for payment, booking appointments or questions.
Email :
Skype: dr.ariel_schultz
Telephone: 972-46445954
Note: If calling by telephone and unable to reach us, ask for directory assistance.

Dr. Ariel Schultz
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