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"I've had some stubborn back pain issues, wandering pains that have been quite chronic and not amenable to typical physical medicine treatments get better after only seconds of treatment from Dr. Schultz. My biggest reason for consulting with him was more for evolving my own psycho-spiritual development but I've found him to be tremendously helpful in improving my whole family's general wellness along the way... I worked with some very gifted individuals over the years and I would rate Dr. Schultz as up there with the very best I've seen so far. For those of you interested in true healing I would encourage you to work with him and I guarantee his treatments will improve your wellness."


Dr. Jamie Gallant 

Naturopathic Doctor

"Dr. Ariel has been an immense support in my life. I have been struggling for most of my life with both physical and emotional pain. I've gone to traditional and alternative practitioners over the years, and while they have contributed to moving me towards better health, I find that most of my health issues still remain present today. I'm tired of the struggle and am very grateful to have found such a gifted practitioner. I honestly believe that he is the key to furthering my healing journey, as I see no other option in treatment than what he provides. I always look forward to our treatments, despite how intense they can be at times. I am excited to continue on the journey!"


Dr. Krista Moyer

Naturopathic Doctor

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